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Our Staff Picks are your guide to stay 'in the know' when you go. Whether you're planning to hang ten or take five, checkout our blog to find the best local attractions, events and activities to keep you entertained while you stay in Santa Cruz. There's no shortage of things to do. From mild to wild, there's something for everyone here. 

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    All Aboard the Santa Cruz Santa Train

    As one holiday comes to a close a bunch of other fun ones are all coming to an opening. It is safe to say that the holiday season is in... Read more

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    Savory Surf Facts in Santa Cruz

    The art of surfing is one that has captivated the world for hundreds of years and has been adopted in any city that has a body of water nearby.... Read more

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    Explore Santa Cruz One Step at a Time

    As the fall weather begins to creep in and pumpkin everything pops up all over the city, we insist that you optimize your time outdoors with a walking tour!... Read more

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    Bring Your All to the Bounty of the County

    Strap up your boots and get your stomach ready, it is time for the Santa Cruz County Fair! Bounty of the County will begin on September 12th and will go until the 16th.... Read more

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    Pick Your Berries and Eat Them Too

    It's strawberry season here in Santa Cruz. What a great time to be in California, the sun is shining, the weather is smooth and strawberries are ripe and ready to eat and enjoy. ... Read more

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    Wreking it on the Wharf

    Explore Santa Cruz by foot with 16,000 others by joining the Wharf to Wharf Race.... Read more

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    Father's Day on the Sea!

    Don’t be a landlubber this Father’s Day — make sure you rile your pops up and get him out on the sea! ... Read more

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    Treat Yourself to Tea in Santa Cruz

    Things are starting to feel a bit royal this month. ... Read more

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    Earth Day in Santa Cruz

    It's no secret that Californians love the outdoors, and it's well-known that we obsess over all things environmentally friendly too. Which is why Earth Day is one of our favorite... Read more

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    A Step Into the Past at Del Mar

    You don’t have to search far to travel back in time while visiting Santa Cruz.... Read more

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    Wander Down the Wharf

    The Santa Cruz Wharf is a staple of Santa Cruz culture — it is a meeting place, an eating place and an all around sight seeing place! ... Read more

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    Santa Cruz, The Orignal Surf Town

    If surfing is what you seek you have come to the right place — a laid back hang ten city — Santa Cruz is the original California surf town. ... Read more

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