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Dream-Inn' of Ice Cream

Dream-Inn' of Ice Cream

July 05, 2021

If sweetness is the way to your heart, then a trip to the Penny Ice Creamery is a must-stop on your Santa Cruz summer itinerary. Not only is their ice cream completely delicious, but it's created locally and completely sustainable too!

Owners Kendra and Zach first opened their boutique ice cream shop over a decade ago, and have been serving up delicious frozen treats to the Santa Cruz community ever since. Their dream was to create a space that was extraordinarily tasty and inviting to the entire town—and we're pretty sure they have achieved just that!  

The ice cream served at Penny’s is truly one-of-a-kind—every batch is made fresh daily using only the simplest and purest local produce.

The Penny Ice Creamery has really taken their product back to basics, and you can taste it in every perfect bite. Stop by this summer and see how many great flavors you can fit into your trip!