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Dream-Inn' of Ice Cream

February 06, 2017

Sweetness is the way to my heart, and The Penny Ice Creamery has struck gold on every single one of my tastebuds. Not only is their ice cream completely delicious, but it is entirely sustainable and local as well! Kendra and Zach opened up their petite ice cream shop almost seven years ago and have been serving up the community ever since. Their dream was to create a space that was extraordinarily tasty and inviting to the entire town. 

The ice cream that is served in Penny’s is one of a kind; every batch is made fresh daily with local products; they use only the simplest and purest of ingredients. Some would say they have taken a step backwards and I believe that was exactly what they intended on. The Penny Ice Creamery has really taken their product back to basics, you can taste it in every perfect bite.

Website: http://thepennyicecreamery.com


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