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Our Staff Picks are your guide to stay 'in the know' when you go. Whether you're planning to hang ten or take five, checkout our blog to find the best local attractions, events and activities to keep you entertained while you stay in Santa Cruz. There's no shortage of things to do. From mild to wild, there's something for everyone here. 

Eat Locally in California this 2020

Eat Locally in California this 2020

January 04, 2020

Santa Cruz is full of great restaurants, local farms, and tons of weekly markets that sell locally produced food to the public. In 2020 we have dedicated one of our new year's resolutions to learning how to source our food locally and seasonally. We are lucky to be from a state with mild weather and tons of sunshine, making the produce on this side of the country top-notch. With so many restaurants in the area, how do you know if you have picked a spot that is sourcing the right vegetables for the season, or getting their produce from the region? A great place to start is by finding out what fruits and vegetables are normally grown during the month you are currently in—for example, if you’re dining out this January, you should look for items on the menu that include ingredients like asparagus, arugula, pomegranates, sprouts, and starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes or turnips. Another indication that a restaurant sources their food locally is that they will usually list the farms they use on the back of the menu. Now that you are equipped with the knowledge to enjoy fresh food, all we have to say to you is "Happy New Year and even happier eating!"