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Our Staff Picks are your guide to stay 'in the know' when you go. Whether you're planning to hang ten or take five, checkout our blog to find the best local attractions, events and activities to keep you entertained while you stay in Santa Cruz. There's no shortage of things to do. From mild to wild, there's something for everyone here. 

Polynesia Playtime in Santa Cruz

August 06, 2017

Take a step out of California and into the Polynesian lifestyle! August 20th marks the 25th annual Aloha Races and Polynesia Festival here in Santa Cruz. Come early and join the adrenaline filled crowd cheering on the Outrigger boats around 8am. The boats will be racing through the Santa Cruz Wharf all morning long. The outrigger canoes are a traditional Polynesian style of a canoe and it is the perfect sport for all ages — it is designed to be easier than your average paddling sport, and is inclusive for people of all ages and skill levels to join. 

Songs, dance and snacks will keep the afternoon alive, and guests can learn to hula or simply admire the entertainment from afar. The real party starts at 11am — cool off with a chilly shaved ice with sweet cream and enjoy a staycation of the tropics. Before the day is over you will be in full vacation mode, adding umbrellas to all of your drinks!

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