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We Have a Case of This Years Santa Cruz Race

We Have a Case of This Years Santa Cruz Race

July 01, 2019

It’s time to gear up and cheer loud for the runners of ‘the best little road race in California,’ the 47th Annual Wharf to Wharf Race. This iconic race brings runners from all over the country to compete in Santa Cruz for a spot in the Top 100 fastest runners on this salty, scenic course. Only 16,000 people are able to sign up for this fun run and the top 100 will walk away with more than just bragging rights. The Wharf to Wharf run is less than a half marathon but just long enough for those athletes running to really feel the burn. 

Wake up with the sun and claim your place along the rolling hills to help motivate these dedicated runners. You will see a plethora of silly signs and encouraging words that will undoubtedly cause a case of the giggles among some runners. It’s possible that you will leave the course just as inspired as you have helped others feel. Now that’s one positive way to start a Saturday!